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How to Prepare for Movers and Save Money!

College Movers would like to present you a quick, yet informative guide on how to prepare for your upcoming move. The intent is to ensure you are as packed up and prepared as possible to ensure we can work as efficiently as possible, which will ultimately save you time and money! As movers we encounter many types of moving scenarios; ranging from customers who have every box labeled and packed with a map of how they want everything placed and organized at the unload location, to customers who are unable to pack their own belongs and require packing help, which we more than gladly provide.

We often have customers ask us where the best place is to go get boxes and supplies? We have found that Home Depot and Lowes tend to be the cheapest choices, and Uhaul for a decent price with easy convenience. You can try to search and collect boxes from grocery stores and other places, however, these boxes tend to not stack well and are more prone to breaking. All of these factors create more time handling and ultimately cost the customer more than the cost of the boxes.
An ideal move, that helps eliminate any extraneous time, has boxes that are the same size and moved to a location in the residence that allows for a swift load of the boxes into the truck. Many people will wait for the morning of the move to finish packing the boxes. However, when we say we have athletic movers we really mean it our guys can gather and pack all the boxes QUICKLY, so make sure there is little left to pack so we are not having to wait for items to be prepared! We load all of the boxes first into the front of the truck, creating a wall of boxes, utilizing the stackable nature of the boxes to minimizing the amount of floor space needed for the boxes so ideally all should be packed prior to our arrival unless you request our packing services.

Another helpful tip is having the furniture / bed frame disassembled prior to the movers arrival. It is usually not too difficult to disassemble furniture however, it is time consuming and ultimately cost the customer more money, again if you are unable to disassemble these items we are more than willing to help you out!

The miscellaneous items are another factor that causes increased time. The more you can consolidate items into boxes, or black garbage bags the easy and faster we can load and unload them. When packing boxes please make sure you are using smaller sized ones for heavy items and for books, records and magazines. Another common question is if we can move dressers with the items left inside them? Yes, we can shrink wrap the drawers closed and bring it as one unit if it is not “overly” heavy.

Hopefully some of these moving tips prove to be helpful! We would be happy to answer any specific questions by phone or email!

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