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College Movers Portland Oregon Movers

College Movers provides youthful, reliable, athletic, efficient, polite college students and graduates. There are no day-laborers, all of the student movers are professionally trained and carefully screened. Working hard and efficiently has been our staple; no one smokes, or takes breaks on the clock, besides the occasional sip of water. All of the College Movers are professional, clean-cut, respectful, friendly, dependable and punctual. We are a family at College Movers, employees get along well on the job, and are often seen spending time together outside business. We all strive to create a stress free, enjoyable experience; from the moment you call to the point the job is completed.


College Movers was formed by Ryan Mattila and Brad Crnich, two long time friends from South Beaverton. During college breaks and after graduating, Ryan and Brad worked for local Portland moving companies to make some extra money. Noticing that the local moving industry carried very low standards of service and often mistreated their customers, Ryan and Brad left their full-time careers and set out to do things the right way. Knowing that the right mix of higher education, initiative, and independence breeds a quality character, College Movers was born. Our service and unique approach to the moving industry has made us one of the fastest growing moving companies in the Portland area.