Why Choose College Movers?

The main question that everyone wonders is how to determine one moving company over another? Here are a few reasons why College Mover’s is the best moving company in the Portland area:

The name College Movers is not a gimmick, we actually do hire college students and recent college graduates that are transitioning from being a student to finding a career. Many of our college students are also collegiate athletes; how many other companies can say that? Our flexibility of scheduling and availability allows for our student workers to work while still making school a priority. We pride ourselves in being locally owned and operated moving company. You will most likely hear from an owner when you call to book or inquire about our services!

A few things about our company, that we do, to help save you money, is that we don’t start charging you until we start working. Our staff of young and athletic employees can really cut down on labor hours billed due to them bounding up stairs and hustling to and from the truck. Our guys pride themselves on being able to work hard yet carefully. Moving presents our employees with both physical and mental challenges that are gladly approached and navigated. It is essential having both of these traits to be able to anticipate the most effective load order to increase efficiency of the truck space and create a logical order for the unload. This thought process and efficiency is what helped us become the premier moving company in the Portland area.

We specialize in residential moves and take customer service seriously, like it was our job or something, but with all jokes aside we want our moving family to help your family out on your next move. Your friends will be relieved (pizza & beers only works for so long), and we will help you save your relationship through the reduction of physical and mental stress. We hope to be able to showcase what I am trying to describe, this is a feat that needs to be seen with your own eyes!